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Chunk Gym of the Month

Every month the Chunk Team scours the countries finest strength / crossfit / powerhouse establishments and shows it off in all it's glory.


The Base Gym; Built from muscle and passion.


Where to start with The Base Gym? The owners of The Base Gym, Meme and Richie are a unique couple. You could almost call it a bit of a Hollywood style beginning.

Meme; an ex model and bodybuilder, now turned Personal Trainer / Online Coach (and now also moving into Powerlifting) had a difficult time for many years. The model industry unfortunately doing what it has done to countless others over the years and taking its toll on her both mentally and physically. Her body confidence was knocked and she struggled with the ‘party’ element of the industry. She struggled for years with Bulimia and found no help, so she turned to the gym. This is where her passion for bodybuilding and strength began.

Richie, like Meme, had his own personal demons to live with – at the age of 15 / 16 struggled with depression and was not academically gifted like his friends and school was a struggle for him. He had 12 months being homeless and would sleep on gym floors when he could or in a car. But then he found that exercise helped him. A small bench and simple set of dumbells gave him that ability to cope with every day life. That release of endorphins and visual body change gave Richie the push to become a better version of himself. After making amends with his father, he paid for Richie to go on a PT course, he also helped him pay for his first few body building competitions and from there he grew (both in size and confidence).

That’s where this ‘fairytale’ story starts for Richie and Meme; brought together by their ‘difficult’ backgrounds, they found each other on Instagram and first met up in a gym in Birmingham. Months of travelling every weekend to visit each other saw the relationship grow and they decided to move in and get engaged.

And so became these two power houses epic journey together. Now they have two children together, Richie has gone on to become WPC European Powerlifting Champion < 82.5kg and they have set up an incredible gym in Walton, Liverpool.

They started at the beginning of Lockdown working from an old PT studio that they turned into The Base Gym. It was a slow start – with local ex clients that kept coming in and mistaking it for the old PT studio, which in itself took a while to change opinions of the locals but when the next door unit became available and empty they used the government start up scheme to help move into that space and expand the gym and now they have created a space that has some incredible kit, funky designs on the walls and two incredible owners / PTs. They have a great team of additional inhouse Trainers that work out of the studio and a really good client base which is growing month on month. At any time of the day you will find Meme or Richie (or both) there working with their own clients.

Catch up with the Base Gym, Meme and Richie on Instagram. These guys are a truly great Power Couple and you need to follow them. They are an inspiration to their clients and followers, have the hardest work ethic and its great to see them inspiring their own children every day.


Chunk Rating;
built on hard work to win

The Base Gym Highlights:

Family run gym, built on hard work and passion

In house Personal Training team covering multiple disciplines

Fantastic selection of equipment coupled with incredible knowledge

European Powerlifting Champion owner 

Follow Meme, Richie & The Base Gym on their Instagram for more updates or to get down there and book a session in with the team

  • The Base Gym

The Base Gym: 

220-224 Rice Lane, Walton, Liverpool, L9 1DJ


  • Meme
  • Richie
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