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Story of 

the Chunk

'I left school and went into the British Army and within a few weeks realised I had to push myself to succeed. 
After leaving the Army with some incredible life skills I went into the world of welding, fabrication and engineering. Now after many years of hard work I own a successful engineering company - which is where the House of Chunk kit is designed and made. 
I thought up the House of Chunk brand name years ago when a friend asked me to make him a bullet proof dip bar. He was a big lad and kept breaking them. Until that point it was an idea, until my old school friend Tim said we should see where the brand could go.... and here we are. Come join us for the ride'.
Stu, Director of House of Chunk
'25 years ago I stepped into my first gym. Sh*t scared and not knowing who to talk too, what to do, what machines to use and what weights to use. 
Now at the age of 40, a Personal Trainer by trade; With the help of one of my best friends we have brought to life - House of Chunk.
With a little more understanding of training, not afraid to walk into any gym and 100% willing to help anyone that needs it, let us show you how damn cool our brand is'.
Tim, Director of House of Chunk

Our team here at House of Chunk is made up of a true mixture of characters. We have Personal Trainers, World Gold Medalists, British record holders, PHDs, every personal training qualification under the sun plus multiple Strength and Conditioning coaches within the Chunk Family. Our Co - Company Director - Tim, has over 25 years experience in lots of areas of the fitness industry, bootcamp instructor, personal trainer, pilates instructor, nutritionist plus sales and marketing. He's also been in the construction industry, engineering world, run a luxury lifestyle magazine in London - you name it, he's done it. We call him Timmy 10 jobs. 

We have Stu who is ex army and the beast of the company. Stuart is strong as an ox,  he went from a 12 stone lean mean fighting machine in the army to a 17 stone animal now with calves that would rival those of Eddie Hall. It's his engineering design and knowledge that give House of Chunk its industry leading edge when we manufacture our hardcore equipment. 

Jon has joined the Chunk Team to help drive business development, his knowledge of the industry is exceptional and Jon helps to keep the brand driving forward. 

In our production and manufacturing workshop based on the south coast of the UK, we have a full team of the highest coded welders and fabricators who create some of the crazy things that Tim and Stu think up. Our lead production gorilla; Rob and his team run the fabrication and quality control side of the business and we are lucky to have at our disposal our own mig/tig welders, CNC Mill / Lathe, as well as our own shot blast and powder coating finishing oven. 

We have partnered up with some incredible friends in the industry to bring you the best, hard wearing kit that we know is literally the dogs b*llox. We don't sugar coat things at House of Chunk and we know that if our testers tell us something is shit, we won't let you have it..... 

If there is something you want but can't find to suit your needs at your commercial or personal home gym, we offer a bespoke design and fabrication service for our equipment. So get in touch with Tim or Stu to discuss.

Enjoy the House of Chunk experience and keep your eyes out on our website and socials for all our upcoming news and equipment as we release new things.

We would love to hear your reviews, let us hear from you.

Stu and Tim


Ex-Army and the man who likes to test the new Chunk Kit to destruction. He's a little softy really. 

House of Chunks Co-Owner with a passion to build a national brand.



16 years as a Personal Trainer. Tim has helped 100's of clients hit their goals. As one of House of Chunks Co-Owners and lead designer and brand developer, he pushes the brand to the max always focusing on driving us forward every day,


Image by Joshua J. Cotten

Jon has been training with Tim for years and has the drive and dedication with his every day life to make him a perfect fit for the HOC team. Jon brings his knowledge of the industry to help drive the brand forward. 



Rob is our resident music expert, he is also responsible for quality control and beating the other apes in the workshop to make sure we get the maximum out of them. Very funny, but dont piss him off.



Our paint finish wizard, who comes up with some of the crazy ways that we can provide our customers with the best items possible. He also comes up with some crazy ideas with our custom pieces.



Our vision is for House of Chunk to become a brand synonymous with hard wearing, durability and functionality at it's heart. Endorsed by some of the UK's strongest men and women.


With an eye for detail and quirks you don't find in an off the shelf mass produced product. 

Our kit is tested for the big lifters in mind for those that want to get strong.


Men and women will pick up our kit and know its going to last. 



House of Chunk is ever evolving. Constantly designing and creating new kit in our fabrication workshop through our sister company, we will update you as soon as a new design is available. 

We will also design anything you want. If you can design it, we can make it for you. 

We evolve with our clients and their needs. 

The Team at House of Chunk



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