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Using British Engineering to create incredible strength kit

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

The best strength equipment is British made!

House of Chunk - British Made Fitness Equipment - Engineered for maximum strength

Designed with the client in mind

House of Chunk is very lucky that our sister company is an engineering and fabrication company based on the South Coast in Dorset. They have some high end client's and it is through the required diligence and stringent quality of such, that we use these same elements of design and fabrication quality control with every piece of equipment that comes out of our fabrication shop - to make sure it is built with precision in mind and built to last.
Every piece of kit needs to be thought out on how to make it actually work, there is a lot of cheap crap available on the market so when we work with our powerlifting testing team, we make sure every item is functional, strong and 'f**king bomb proof' a term used by Adam Hindle, one of our powerlifters. We make sure that our kit is tested by some of Britain's strongest guys to back up our claims
The manufacturing of our lifting kit is of the highest quality available in the country and we finish each piece using either a powder coating finish or a ceramic coating depending on the kits use.

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