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Kettlebells to add muscle....

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

Is it possible to use kettlebells to increase muscle mass?

While swinging kettlebells is undoubtedly complimentary to a persons strength and conditioning. Adhering to additional functional movement and complimentary fat loss - kettlebells can and do build muscle.

You should grab one of these lumps of iron, sat in the corner of the gym. Use them within your training, we guarantee you won't be sorry. Ask your gym PT for the basics to get you started, or give the Chunk Team a shout for an online lesson.

Why Kettlebells will make you big!

Kettlebells are an incredible multi purpose tool. Most will enter the gym and head straight to the free weights or the cable / plate loaded machines. But take a look at strength athletes like Jay T Maryniak (IG: @jtm_fit) or Anton Anasenko (Russias foremost kettlebell expert) - their workouts are predominantly kettlebell based and they are super human almost with their strength and conditioning. There are a few reasons why kettlebells are a fantastic implement for building muscle. kettlebell training lends itself to compound exercises based on multi-joint movement patterns rather than single joint isolation exercises. Not only is this a more efficient manner of training, but it also causes your body to release more muscle building hormones.

The beauty of a kettlebell, you will never pick it up and think to do an isolation exercise. It just doesn’t go with the kit. Kettlebells are made for compound movements. And compound movements are king for hypertrophy. And as we know hypertrophy = an increase in muscle mass.

Kettlebell movements are both functional, natural and primal. Working your joints to their full range of motion - exactly how we should be making our bodies move.

When swinging a kettlebell, or using it in a one handed snatch, the weight is off centre, its unbalanced, forcing the body to stabilise the joints and muscles in a unique manner. Causing the muscle groups to react differently to how they would with a standard barbell or plate loaded machine for example. This is great for building muscle.

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