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House of Chunk Athletes

House of Chunk have a goal to help and encourage those who have a drive and passion for their sport - this is why we have created our Chunk Athletes Division

We look for strength athletes and individuals who have an inner passion and drive when they approach their respective sport.

Those that put in 150% effort and dedication - day in, day out are the individuals we are looking for to represent our brand.

It doesn't matter if you are 2 years into the sport or 20 years. If we can see your dedication and spirit when it comes to the sport, you could be an ideal candidate for the House of Chunk Athletes Division.

Sponsored Athletes

Stephen Fraher : training out of Kettering Strongman - Current BPU World Champion 2021

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  • Instagram

Stephens First competition was back in 2016, 3rd at East Midlands Strongest Novice. He competed in various novice competitions for 18th months before moving up to Inters. He came 1st in Birmingham’s Strongest Man 2019 at inters level.

In 2020 Stephen moved up to Opens Level, competing at London’s Strongest Man, finishing a respectable 9th against some tough competition.  Delving into the world of powerlifting in 2020 before the world went into lockdown and fortunately having access to some kit meant he was able to keep up some form of training.

In May 2021 he competed at the BPU East Midlands and South Yorkshire regional powerlifting competition, winning the <125kg raw category and lifting a 737.5kg total, qualifying for the British Championships in late June 2021. He's competing in Britain’s Strongest Man <120kg in August, as well as competing at the European Powerlifting Championships a week later. Alongside strength training he has also been playing at Kettering Rugby Club for the past decade, winning both the East Midlands Cup and gaining promotion to the National Leagues during this times. During the 2016 and 2017 season he was also fortunate enough to be involved in the the Country rugby setup with East Midlands Rugby. Strength training and strongman have been an integral part of Stephens life for the past few years and in 2018 Kettering Strongman was established, a brotherhood of friends whose aim is to become stronger and healthier whilst delving into the world of strongman and powerlifting.

Stephens pedigree over the last few years makes him a valued member of the Chunk Team. He is dedicated, passionate and hella strong. Watch out over the next 12 months. Big things coming from our latest sponsored athlete Stephen.

Sharon Eggleton : training out of The Barbell Training Complex

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Sharon is one of our incredible athletes that is pushing boundaries of strength to new levels. Our very own Princess of Iron.

Sharon is becoming a house hold name in the powerlifting world and goes above and beyond to promote the sport for women.

To borrow some of her own words;

'I am excited for the future of female powerlifting. I am excited to see women realise that the possibilities of what they can achieve is far greater than they ever imagined.

I hope to inspire.

I hope to be a role model.

Above all I hope that they discover a confidence and grit they never dreamed possible

She is a wonderful and funny woman that pushes herself to the max every time she steps up to the bar. 

Her love for the sport shows, she recently secured 140kg on platform weighing in at 67kg! She now holds joint 2nd biggest female bench in the country regardless of weight and takes her to 16th position in the world in the 67.5kg category and one of the very few UK females with a 2 x bodyweight bench.

Sharon is a true athlete. And a wonderful person to call a friend. 

She also has the most incredible taste in music and can often be seen dancing before she approaches the bar. 

Nathan Bage : training out of Flex Fitness in Bournemouth

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  • Instagram

Nath is an incredible powerlifter, he works and trains out of Flex Fitness in Bournemouth. 

Married with 3 awesome children, he balances his hectic coaching / work life with his own training.

Years of personal experience on the platform and working with clients of various ages, abilities and fitness levels. From those wanting to step onto the platform as a powerlifter to conditioning MMA fighters - Nathan is well rounded and very well respected.

Nathan is 2 x times World Powerlifting Champion for the WPC, EU and GB champion and holds an incredible 645kg total at 67.6kg 

His goal is to be the best lifter in the UK at his weight class and he wants to join a very elite handful of individuals that currently hold a 10 x bodyweight total. 

Only 4 people have done this across all the weight classes and he is determined to be the first person at his weight and age category to do this. 

Matt 'Panda' Smyth : training out of 3F Gym

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Matthew "Panda"  Smyth,

Is an adaptive strongman, currently ranked 3rd in the country after his first ever event last September. He received the loving nickname "panda" after receiving some 3rd degree sunburn, apart from the panda eyes that where left from the sunglasses. Sun cream up in this heat!

30 years old, disabled and wheelchair bound, he fell in love with sports and the gym, after recovering from a long battle with mental health issues, resulting in several suicide attempts. Through fitness, and competing, he found an outlet, a way of dealing with the stress of life, and along the way, he has made some of the most amazing friends, and have also made myself a better person. 

With less than 18 months into his training, he placed 3rd in the country with only 4 months of gym training. The weekend after he competed at Britain's Strongest Disabled Man, he did an adaptive deadlift of 510kg for the first time. 


He is coached by Steve owner of Map Strength, to refine his strength and technique.


His new personal best on the adaptive deadlift, at 500kg, for 3 reps, and he is after the adaptive deadlift world record, with a dream of 750kg adaptive deadlift. 

Although his journey is a short one so far, it has changed and saved his life, going from depression, and self harm, to now living life in a healthy and safe manor, while lifting weights and challenging the perspective of what we think is possible. 

Matts most used answer to the question "how are you" is simply "I'm alive" although this may be seen as a weird answer to some, there was a time when he didn't want to be here, he is thankful for each and every day he is here, and for as long as he is here, he aims to inspire the next generation of strongmen, adaptive and able bodied alike, to get stuck in, grip it and rip it, and lift heavy. 


Improvise, adapt, lift heavy.  

More sponsored athletes and ambassadors to follow. If you would like to put us in touch with someone that would be perfect for the Chunk Team; get in touch

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