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British Made Chunk


Heavy duty kit designed and Engineered in the UK


Steel is heavy, strong and reliable. Powerlifting and strength training is heavy work. The two go together hand in hand and have done for as many years as anyone can remember.


Steel is the epitome of total strength so we make sure that every piece of the House of Chunk Equipment that leaves our fabrication workshop is made to British standards of welding and coding. All our equipment is strong, heavy duty and built to be put through the most rugged of tasks that each piece of kit is designed for. 

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We have some of the latest and high end equipment in our fabrication workshop. This gives us the upper hand to create our unique pieces of strength hardware. 

Our CNC Lathe gives us the ability to turn do all our own turning, specialist Chunk knurling and drilling.


House of Chunk has some exceptional welders and fabricators working for them. All coded to the highest British standards.

There isn't much that the team cannot conceptualise and then turn into a reality - put us to the test


Our skilled team have the ability to work with any metal. 

We do not have the limitations a traditional workshop has. 

Some of our bespoke kit combines every single machine out in our factory.


Within the core team at House of Chunk we have a fantastic design team. 

They work from our initial conceptual design of our kit, we draw it up using 3D CAD software, pass it to our Chunk Test Team who give us their initial report on how it looks, and behaves on screen. 

Our designers make the suggested alterations, we then pass it to our fabrication guys who then turn that concept into a reality. Our Test Team then do their bit to try and destroy the kit so that it lives up to our guarantee. 

Need bespoke kit? Get in touch. We will make it for you

Engineering Tools
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