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The Chunk Original Team


Laura Matthews

Womens World Champion  Powerlifter

Laura is one of the UKs finest ever women's powerlifters and holds some incredible strength records for her height and weight class. She has been in the strongman/woman scene for years.

She has 5 x Gold Medals and over 20 championship trophies to her name. She is a serious powerhouse in the industry.

She is now a successful business owner and gymnastics coach. 

She still hasn't left her lifting roots and helps the Chunk Team with their apparel branding and kit design

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James 'Sausage Roll' Brooks

Personal Trainer & Nutrition Expert

James has a BSC in Nutrition and is a fully qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer, circuit training instructor and nutrition advisor.

He is currently studying for his Masters  and is currently working with students at Bournemouth University on several specialist papers.

James has been helping clients reach their personal goals for years, specialising in nutrition, strength and conditioning

He also trains one of Europes leading basketball teams in their strength and conditioning.

James personally has been lifting for years and regularly helps the Chunk Team with their new hardwear and upcoming nutrition progams.


    Martyna Mazurkiewicz

    House Of Chunk : 

    Chunk Original Ambassador

    Martyna has been training for the last 8 years and was already in fantastic shape.

    She is now on the last stages of prep for her 1st of three IFBB competitions starting in June 2021.

    Our first womens affiliate for the House of Chunk Brand chosen for her dedication to her training and passion for lifting

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    Keith Bray

    House Of Chunk : 

    Chunk Original Ambassador

    Keith was always going to be asked to be an Ambassador for House Of Chunk. Tim has wanted him on the team since HOC inception and Keith has accepted and part of the team. 

    With over 3 decades of Bodybuilding experience, he has competed as a British natural finalist in open bodybuilding. 

    Since retiring from competition Keith uses his years of experience and dedication to offer support and advice to those wishing to compete in pro body building competitions and nutrition. As a type 1 Diabetic for more than 30 years, and approaching 50 years old, he knows that health and nutrition gives the longevity needed to continue his passion for bodybuilding. 

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    Sharon 'Princess of Iron' Eggleton

    House Of Chunk : 

    Chunk Original Ambassador

    Sharon is one of the sports gems. She started powerlifting late in life having spent 8 years going to the gym; she has officially been lifting now for two years. In those two years she has accomplished some incredible records once she started seeing results lifting weights. 

    So far in powerlifting she is the first 67.5kg woman to hit a 500+ total with naked knees in the UK (no sleeves/no wraps). 

    Sharon has the biggest 67.5kg female category deadlift & bench in the UK. 

    She has huge goals that she has set herself over the next few years and the House of Chunk will be behind her every step of the way.

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