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A little introduction to one of our amazing PT's that is part of Trust My Coach

Are you looking for something more than just a typical personal training?

If yes, you are lucky!

My name is Jo, and I am a personal trainer, fat loss coach and a nutritional therapist.

I will tell You a little bit about myself, as the experience with fat loss is not only with my former clients, but it is my own as well.

In my early 20s until I was about 27 I was always overweight. I have been told it is my genes and that probably I have thick bones (or whatever).

But at some point I hated the person in the mirror. No clothes would fit me like I wanted them to fit, I was tired and out of breath running to catch my bus or train but mostly, my self-esteem was very low.

And it was killing me as I really wanted to like myself, to LOVE myself.

After years of looking I finally found a gym (not one where there is no one to help me with exercises or my technique, filled with massive dudes and perfectly looking girls) but filled with incredible people who taught me all about the BALANCE.

And this is exactly what I am teaching to my clients. How to balance Your lifestyle.

How to fit workouts and gym time around your daily life, not the opposite.

How to balance Your nutrition to be healthy and still delicious and satisfying.

No FAD diets.

No boring cardio.

No restrictions.

My philosophy – It is all about Your body, mind and soul.

As Your personal trainer I will guide You how to balance Your nutrition, physical activity, wellness and mental health.

Don’t wait any longer to change Your life and health for better.

Remember it’s all about Your body, mind and soul.

Rock on!

Jo – Rock Your Body PT.


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