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ChunX Chalk - powdered - by X-Chunk - 100g bag

ChunX Chalk - powdered - by X-Chunk - 100g bag

Chunx Liquid Chalk - By X-Chunk


Our first collaboration project with X-Cel fitness. We have produced one of the highest quality Chalks on the market. Free from any sh*t, no additional 'sticky' additives just high quality Magnesium Carbonate


Our Powdered Chalk (also available in liquid form) can be used in any competitions in the UK.


Chunx Chalk was first tested out by our Adaptive Athlete Matt 'Panda' Smyth when he deadlifted 600kg and 625kgs at the Arnolds Disabled Strongman event 2022 to become one of the worlds Strongest Disabled Men


Order yours now before stock runs out. 


100g bag size


Perfect for all sports requiring the best grip; Strongman, Powerlifting, Climbing, Calisthenics, Parkour, Arm wrestling, Gymwork and Gymnastics


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