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The iChunk smart hydro bottle - touch sensitive LCD display

The iChunk smart hydro bottle - touch sensitive LCD display

The iChunk smart hydro bottle - First of this design in the UK




Limited numbers so grab one now! 


Perfect for keeing your water ice cold or warm for hours.


Tap the top of the bottle once - the bottle tells you what temperature your water is at - The iChunk series water bottle is a smart water bottle that lets you keep an eye on the temperature of your water. 


Drinking fresh water is one of the best things you can do for your health, we all know this. Water functions as a lubricant, a solvent, a shock absorber, and a building material to keep all your organs healthy and your systems operating smoothly.


Studies are now showing that by drinking hot water every day as part of your daily routine it can help with the following benefits:

  • Lowers stress levels
  • Helps the body to reduce aches and pains
  • Improves blood circulation
  • It can help aid digestion
  • Help you with weight loss


So the iChunk Smart Hydro Bottle has to be in your arsenal of Chunk Original products to keep with you every day.


Tap the top to reveal your waters temperature


Ps.... You are also helping do your bit for the environment by helping reduce plastic waste by reusing one of our awesome bottles


  • Stainless steel, vaccuum water bottle
  • Strainer in the top to keep a slice of lemon or tea if you prefer. 
  • Touch sensitive LED smart display 
  • 500ml
  • Black satin finish
  • Durable high grade 304 Stainless steel


1 x year warranty

warranty void if damaged or scratched. 


  • Care Instructions

    Clean with a damp cloth only, no abrasive cloths or cleaning products may be used. 

    Wash with gentle soapy water to clean

    Air dry


    If any of these instructions are not adhered too, it may damage the bottle and void any warranty and refund.

  • Refunds and returns

    See our separate page for our refunds and returns policy

£21.99 Regular Price
£14.29Sale Price

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